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“... shouldn’t the true termination of an analysis - and by that I mean the kind that prepares you to become an analyst - in the end confront the one who undergoes it with the reality of the human condition?”– J. Lacan

The Freudian School of Melbourne is currently conducting preliminary interviews with those wishing to explore the possibility of undertaking a formation as a psychoanalyst.

The formation of analysts in the Freudian School of Melbourne involves the traditional tripartite structure of:

i. personal analysis
ii. clinical supervision
iii. the study of psychoanalytic theory and clinical practice.

Such a formation puts into effect the critique of psychoanalytic theory, training and practice initiated by Lacan and sustained today by institutions and Schools which recognize themselves within the field renovated by such a critique.

Taking its theoretical direction from the teachings of Freud and Lacan the School’s teaching program also affords a serious study and critique of other major historical and contemporary psychoanalytic theorists and influential practitioners in the psychoanalysis of children and adults. In addition the contributions made by related disciplines to psychoanalysis, such as linguistics, mathematics, philosophy and literature, are studied.

Whilst candidates are generally expected to have recognized qualifications and experience in the fields of psychiatry, social work, nursing or psychology, applicants with training or experience in other fields may be considered in certain circumstances

For further information or to arrange a confidential interview, please telephone one of the Formation Committee:

Convenor of Training Committee

Linda Clifton
P: (+61) 0421 979 496
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Rodney Kleiman
P: (03) 9853 6068
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David Pereira
☏ (03) 9690 3515
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Logos: 20 Years of Psychoanalytic Training in the Freudian School of Melbourne

David Pereira

“We know he price which Freud had to pay for allowing the psychoanalytic group to dominate the discourse, thus becoming a Church. The International, for that is its name, reduces itself to a symptom which Freud expected it to be.” J. Lacan.