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Homage to Lacan 2020

Homage Conference 2021
The Hysteria of our Times: Bodies of Knowledge

Saturday 4th September 2021

In 2021 the Freudian School of Melbourne will take up as a work the debt owed by psychoanalysis to the knowledge of the hysteric. It was the hysteric's relationship to the knowledge of medicine at its limits which first gave rise to psychoanalysis.

Homage to Lacan 2020

Symposium: "In Praise of Hysteria"

Saturday 5th June 2021 | In honour of Moustapha Safouan

"Psychoanalysis began with hysteria, and psychoanalytic knowledge will always be worth only what our knowledge of this structure is worth" - Moustapha Safouan. As a part of its work for 2021, The Hysteria of our Times: Bodies of Knowledge, the School will be holding a symposium in honour of Moustapha Safouan (17th May 1921 - 7th November 2020) Psychoanalyst. Ex-Analyst L'Ecole Freudienne de Paris.

Events of 2020

Homage to Lacan 2020

Homage Conference 2020: MADNESS ???

5th September 2020

The conceptualisation of madness, not simply reducible to nor contained within a diagnostic structure called psychosis, continues to pose questions to the method of analysis and to analysts. Is it amenable to said method in any approach constitutive of a possible treatment?

Ecritique New Writings 2019

eCritique: New Writings 2019 - 2020

Read the latest volume of the School's electronic collection of writings

Throughout 2019, the Freudian School of Melbourne's electronic journal has undergone a significant renovation in format and presentation. Never really limited in itself to the generic defintions of a periodical, the letters of the School will continue to undertake the task of giving a testimony of psychoanalysis upon this digital platform of critical writings, or e-Critique.

Events of 2019

Homage Conference 2019 - Sexual-Disorientation

Homage Conference 2019: Sexual Dis-Orientation

September 2019

As distinct from its various categorizations and orientations, sexuality is encountered at the beginnings of psychoanalysis as profoundly disorienting; particularly with respect to the ethics, politics and logic of the church and medical science which had hitherto colonised it. Analysis found in the disorientation of sex the very equivocation which was coextensive with the unconscious and propitious with respect to the possibilities of enjoyment weighed against suffering...

Christian Fierens - 2019 Lecture Series

Christian Fierens: The Soul of Narcissism

Melbourne public lecture series - August 8-14, 2019

After a fruitful exchange in 2015, the School has this year invited Christian Fierens to return to offer a series of public lectures and to work intensively with members. Christian is a psychoanalyst who has practised for more than 30 years in Tervuren near Brussels, in Belgium. He also trained as a psychiatrist and completed his PhD on the question of psychosis in Freud’s work. Christian has published many books and articles on Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis.