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Volume 9: Australian Psychoanalytic Conference


Oscar Zentner

"In September 1987,to mark the tenth year of psychoanalytic work since its foundation in 1977, The Freudian School of Melbourne organized the First Australian Psychoanalytic Congress in Australia. The present volume contains the proceedings of this Congress." Read full Logos

Part 1: Australian Psychoanalytic Congress – 1987

Antecedents of a foundation: The Freudian School of Melbourne
– Oscar Zentner

Freud and Janet on organic and hysterical paralysis: a mystery solved?
– Malcolm MacMillan

Desire and its interpretation
– Moustapha Safouan

Transference, suggestion and acting out
– Alan Large

Omnipotence as a resistance in transference and counter transference
– Sabar Rustomjee

Identification – theoretical and clinical aspects
– George Halasz

The limits of discourse structure: obsession and hysteria
– Ellie Ragland Sullivan

Metaphor in agoraphobia
– Gayle Norbury

Some thoughts on the interpretation of envy or “how to give a pail of milk and kick it over”
– Eleanor Sebel

Psychoanalytic developmental theories: an Australian tourist’s view
– Jolyon Grimwade

Freud on Triebe: the concept of instinctual drives
– Thomas Robb

Narcissism, negation and the ontogeny of the ego
– Bernard Balleiine

An attempt at Freudian consciousness raising in tertiary education
– Gary Embelton

Culture and leadership: mystics and professionals in American psychoanalysis
– Douglas Kirsner

Obituary to Prof. Alan Davies
– Rufus Davis

Guilt in politics
– Alan Davies

Reality and the transference: reparation or degradation?
– Julia Hamer

Aphanasis and the masking of the jouissance of the Woman
– David Periera

The cause of the individual myth
– María Inés Rotmiler de Zentner

Part 2: Seminars of the Freudian School of Melbourne

The names of God
– Bernard Rechter

Part 3: The Freudian Discourse

Paranoisation – simple indication of the direction of the cure
– Jean Allouch

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