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Volume 8: On Transference (1987)


Oscar Zentner

"In the tenth year since its foundation, The Freudian School of Melbourne, publishes the present volume with the contents of the Homage to Freud On Transference and some papers given at the Lacano-American Reunion of Psychoanalysis, Punta del Este, Uruguay, December 1986. This Reunion showed that even when different aspects of practice and theory were stressed the meeting of analysts is always a possibility when the horizon of work is psychoanalysis." Read full Logos

Part 1: Homage to Freud—On Transference

Narcissistic neurosis
– María Inés Rotmiler de Zentner

Transference to the Other
– Gayle Paull

Transference and identification
– Rob Gordon

– Moustapha Safouan

Fantasm, passe and impasse
– Oscar Zentner

Part 2: Lacanoamerican reunion of psychoanalysis Punta del Este – Uruguay – 1986

The end of an analysis
– Linda Clifton

The analytic section
– Héctor Rúpolo

A dream of Freud
– Celia Calvo

A king of shreds and patches: the super-ego
– Sergio Staude

Tulips and two lips or dying of metonymy
– Nora Marina Menéndez

Miss ? ABCDEF – a case of multiple identifications
– Alan Large

Topology in an analysis: a hole in spacial dimension
– Ida Sara Levin

The psychoanalytic mass
– Ricardo Estacolchic

On hysterical madness
– Daniel Alberto Deluca

Between the signifier and the letter
– Jorge Rizzo

– Isidoro Vegh

Strachey and the transmission of the Freudian Field in the Anglo-Saxon tradition
– Rob Gordon

Sublimation in the reverse of the psychotic thing
– John Muller

The feminine position and the Woman’s Jouissance - the devil in the body
– Benjamín Domb

Notes towards the end of an analysis
– Maria del Carmen Meroni

Ethics and The Lacanoamerican Reunion
– José Zuberman

Topology in the relationship between structure and theory
– Carlos Ruíz

Non-resisted psychoanalysis: latrogeny
– Leonor Torres

– Cristina Marrone

Beyond the author – an American in America
– Luis María Bisserier

The scenes of a fetishist
– Osvaldo Hugo Apreda

To read oneself
– Pablo Kavolovsky

Phantom member and hallucinatory fulfilment
– Lidia Lordes Garcia

– Luis Maria Bisserier, Marta Erramuspe, Cristina Marrone

Presentation of patients: notes of a teaching
– Daniel Alberto Deluca, Alejandro Sayús

To speak about the impossible: to make it possible
– Clara Kruglak

The desire of the analyst A-Nuda (a-knots) – between the signifier and the letter
– Ricardo Landeira

– Lia Quijano

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