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Volume 3: On Angst


Oscar Zentner

"This book continues the first Australian psychoanalytic publication. The works included in the book are the result of the investigation within the school of what for us is psychoanalysis. The publication of some of the internal seminars of the school are part of the sustained effort to give the reader the possibilities of being 'exposed' to this specific line of psychoanalytic thought." Read full Logos

Part 1: Homage to Freud

The death of Lacan
– Oscar Zentner

Non-libidinization and its return
– Oscar Zentner

The secret cause
– Laurence Bataille

Lautréamont and the uncanny
– Marie Ines Rotmiler de Zentner

Angst, The null set series and the (-φ)
– Gayle Paull

Beyond the pleasure of the text
– John Dingle

Psychoanalysis or psychoanalyst
– Gustavo Ezequiel Etkin

Part 2: Seminars of the Freudian School of Melbourne

Seminar 1 – On symbolism
– Moustapha Safouan

Seminar 2 – On jokes
– Moustapha Safouan

Part 3: The Freudian Discourse

The rhetoric of Angst
– Gustavo Ezequiel Etkin

Angst and the Theatre of the Absurd
– Frances M Moran

Interview with Juan David Nasio
– Miguel Kohan

Conversation in Paris between Alain Grosrichard, Gloria Autino, Gustavo Etkin and Oscar Zentner
– Various

Lacanian Psychoanalytic Writings

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