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Volume 23: Writing the Symptom (2007)

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Linda Clifton

"Freud produced a work that will never be ready for 'Ready Made.' The value of Lacan is that he cannot be consumed." These words are an extract from an unpublished letter written in 1978 to the Time Literary Supplement in London from the Freudian School of Melbourne. The letter was signed by Oscar and Maria-Ines Rotmiler de Zentner and John Dingle. Read full Logos

The ends of analysis - Psychoanalysis and the promise of happiness
– David Pereira

The chosen ones
– Rodney Kleiman

– Carlos A. Basch

Part 1: Science, truth and the knowledge of the analyst

One is two-faced
– Peter Gunn

Of impossible translation
– Michael Plastow

Who speaks in Schreber?
– Paul Magee

Marx, Freud, Lacan: three founders of discursivity?
– Jean-Michel Rabaté

Part 2: Melancholia and the moods of the modern era

Melancholia and the mother
– Robyn Clark

The unhappiest one
– David Pereira

The proximities of distance
– Madeline Andrews

Melancholia and the devouring feminine
– Peter Gunn

For the melancholic love of a superego
– Sarah Jones

Mourning the loss, writing the lack
– Nati Sangiau

Part 3: The symptom

To speak of enjoyment
– David Pereira

Name of a pipe
– Michael Plastow

Part 4: Psychoanalysis and literature

The flower of Coleridge
– María Inés Rotmiler de Zentner

Borges and writing
– María Inés Rotmiler de Zentner

A Portrait of the Artist in psychoanalysis
– Linda Clifton

Part 5: The Dublin papers

A preamble to Dublin
– Peter Gunn

From the Lacan ♢ Joyce correspondence
– Oscar Zentner

Joyceecrit or why Lacan turned to Joyce
– Isidoro Vegh

Joyce’s Dublin and the making of a place name
– Peter Gunn

Part 6: Public lectures

The four discourses and the psychoanalytic body
– Michael Plastow

– David Pereira

The anatomy of destiny
– Rodney Kleiman

Part 7: One hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the birth of Freud

From the Freudian unconscious as a cause to the Lacanian unconscious as a gaffe
– Oscar Zentner

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