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Volume 22: Anguish and Erotics (2004)

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David Pereira

"On 14th November 1962 in his Seminar L'Angoisse, Lacan makes clear the direction in which he is taking psychoanalysis with the assertion: I am not developing for you a direct logical psychosis, a discourse about this unreal reality which is called the psyche, but a praxis which merits a name: erotology." Read full Logos

Part 1: Anguish

Sets my heart racing
– Rodney Kleiman

The anguish of the joke
– Michael Plastow

Sexual difficulty & anxiety
– Sarah Jones

– Nati Sangiau

Baring for the woman: exhibitionism and anxiety
– Peter Gunn

Culpability, anxiety, responsibility
– David Pereira

Part 2: Erotics

Apropos Encore
– Linda Clifton

From female sexuality to feminine sexuality—an historical account
– Tine Norregaard Arroyo

What does a man want?
– Rodney Kleiman

The absolution of sexual secrets and the paradox of disclosure
– David Pereira

Tango, women and guilt
– Gustavo Etkin

Homosexuality and perversion
– Gustavo Etkin

Part 3: Public lectures

The unconscious and desire
– Rodney Kleiman

Real, symbolic and imaginary : the times that bind
– David Pereira

Lacan and the Joycean sinthome: a reading of the names of the father in Joyce
– Linda Clifton

The matter of mind
– Rodney Kleiman

Lacan and Levinas: the profanity of desire and vicissitudes of the erotic
– David Pereira

Part 3: Discourses in the Freudian Field

The Freudian Project at the doors of psychoanalysis
– Jorge Canteros

The exile of James Joyce—après le mot le déluge
– Oscar Zentner

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