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Volume 21: Fantasm (2000)

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David Pereira

"In his work Analysis Terminable and Interminable, Freud, in commenting on the work of psychoanalysis, acknowledged that theorising in psychoanalysis had the status of "phantasying". This is to say, that the psychoanalyst's production of knowledge concerning the unconscious articulates itself in phantasy. For Lacan, the logic of phantasy could not be articulated without reference to the function of writing." Read full Logos

Part 1: Fantasm

The grammar of the unconscious and the perverted logic of fantasy
– David Pereira

From family myth to individual fantasm
– Michael Plastow

The real journey of psychoanalysis
– Rodney Kleiman

The fictions of analysis read as an invitation to the real
– Jane Hopper

Part 2: The Lacanian discourse

Borges and the fantasm of reality
– Oscar Zentner

On the question of the recognition of an analyst
– Rodney Kleiman

Longing and ‘the first man’
– Michael Plastow

Perversion in the clinical practice of liaison psychoanalysis
– Roberto Neuburger

The mirror stage revisited—an essay
– Jean Allouch

Part 3: Public lectures

Preliminary comments on psychoanalysis and the public
– David Pereira

The Lacanian revolution: from slave to subject
– Rodney Kleiman

Plato’s Symposium and the psychoanalytic transference—discourses of love
– Linda Clifton

The concept of structure in clinical psychoanalysis
– David Pereira

Medicine and psychoanalysis (…or how Freud lost the object)
– Michael Plastow

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