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Volume 20: The Psychoanalysis of Children: Freud's Child and Lacan's (1999)


David Pereira

"Sigmund Freud articulated the discovery of the unconscious in relation to the infantile factor, in particular infantile amnesia, laying the foundation for psychoanalysis on the cornerstone of repression. In the Freudian propositions concerning infantile amnesia, sexuality, and sexual theories, Lacan discovered something of the subject's concrete encounter with language and desire in its Otherness." Read full Logos

Part 1: The Lacanian clinic

The illusion of a future: the symptom and demand in the psychoanalysis of children
– Tine Norregaard Arroyo

When I was …
– Rodney Kleiman

The player of children
– Silvina Gamsie

Notes on the treatment of the psychoses in childhood
– Silvina Gamsie

The clinical diary of Sandor Ferenczi—a confusion of tongues
– Linda Clifton

The infans and the (k)not of history
– David Pereira

Part 2: The Lacanian discourse

Homage paid by Jacques Lacan to the castrating woman
– Jean Allouch

– Gustavo Etkin

Theorizing the pass: an introduction to a singular testimony
– Jane Hopper

The battle of the sexes or the shame of trying to fake the impossible
– Jane Hopper

He/she: a flaw in writing?
– Robert Levy

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