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Volume 12: Lacan and the Object in Psychoanalysis (1991)

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Oscar Zentner

"Notwithstanding the difficulties in dating the new paradigm introduced by Lacan in the field of psychoanalysis, the conference given to the Societe Francaise de Psychanalyse in 1953 on the registers of the symbolic, the imaginary, and the real, worked as an impediment to any possible confusion between Freud and Lacan." Read full Logos

Psychoanalytic direction and the direction of Psychoanalysis
– David Pereira

Why do we, analysts, meet?
– Linda Clifton

Part 1: Lacan and the object in psychoanalysis

Inhibition, symptoms and act; from the moment of occlusion to the moment of conclusion
– David Pereira

Object, ego, and death
– Luis Riebl

The object relation and sexual relation
– Nati Sangiau

On beauty; neither transient nor everlasting
– Oscar Zentner

The voice in the ear – the image in the eye
– Oscar Zentner

Part 2: Seminars of the Freudian School of Melbourne

– Gustavo Ezequiel Etkin

– Rolando Hugo Karothy

The woman: a Godelian flower
– Nora María Menéndez

Verba non res. Remorse
– Nora María Menéndez & José Somenzini

The question of orthodoxy – clinical reflection
– Claude Dumezil

Theos Patros
– Héctor Rúpolo

The times of the other
– Isidoro Vegh

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