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Volume 10: The Formations of the Unconscious (1989)


Oscar Zentner

"We may say that the analytic discourse is inaugurated by love. But before being reached by the afflusions of a kind of divine flux, let us not forget that love itself was the offspring of Contrivance and Poverty under the auspices of drunkenness. Only if the prejudices on the question of love were to be examined with the same aloofness with which we adhere to evenly suspended attention, would we be more rigorous in situating the question of analysis: not only its aims in their correlation with its beginnings, but also the structural impasses of the time of its ending." Read full Logos

Part 1: Homage to Freud – The formations of the unconscious

Instance or agency in the unconscious
– Rob Gordon

It is better to joke than to hang
– Alan Large

Counter-transference: to counter the transference
– Linda Clifton

Nominal transformations and the formations of the unconscious
– David Pereira

From the formations of the unconscious to the unconscious as a formation
– Oscar Zentner

Brain, mind and language – Freud on aphasia
– Luis Riebl

The structure of the laconic wit
– Felicity Bagot

Part 2: Seminars of the Freudian School of Melbourne on literature

The hidden pattern; Virginia Woolf and The Waves
– Carolyn Parker

Part 3: The Freudian Discourse

Perturbation in Pernepsy
– Jean Allouch

– Héctor Rúpolo

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