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1988 Australian Psychoanalytic Congress

Antecedents of a foundation: The Freudian School of Melbourne
– Oscar Zentner

Freud and Janet on organic and hysterical paralysis: a mystery solved?
– Malcolm MacMillan

Desire and its interpretation
– Moustapha Safouan

Transference, suggestion and acting out
– Alan Large

Omnipotence as a resistance in transference and counter transference
– Sabar Rustomjee

Identification – theoretical and clinical aspects
– George Halasz

The limits of discourse structure: obsession and hysteria
– Ellie Ragland Sullivan

Metaphor in agoraphobia 
– Gayle Norbury

Some thoughts on the interpretation of envy or “how to give a pail of milk and kick it over”
– Eleanor Sebel

Psychoanalytic developmental theories: an Australian tourist’s view
– Jolyon Grimwade

Freud on Triebe: the concept of instinctual drives
– Thomas Robb

Narcissism, negation and the ontogeny of the ego
– Bernard Balleiine

An attempt at Freudian consciousness raising in tertiary education 
– Gary Embelton

Culture and leadership: mystics and professionals in American psychoanalysis
– Douglas Kirsner

Obituary to Prof. Alan Davies
– Rufus Davis

Guilt in politics
– Alan Davies

Reality and the transference: reparation or degradation?
– Julia Hamer

Aphanasis and the masking of the jouissance of the Woman
– David Periera

The cause of the individual myth
– María Inés Rotmiler de Zentner


Part 1
Australian Psychoanalytic Congress – 1987

Volume 9


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Part 2
Seminars of the Freudian School of Melbourne

The names of God
– Bernard Rechter

Part 3
The Freudian Discourse

Paranoisation – simple indication of the direction of the cure
– Jean Allouch