1987 On Transference

Narcissistic neurosis
– María Inés Rotmiler de Zentner

Transference to the Other
– Gayle Paull

Transference and identification
– Rob Gordon

– Moustapha Safouan

Fantasm, passe  and  impasse
– Oscar Zentner

Part 1
Homage to Freud — On transference

Volume 8


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Part 2
Lacanoamerican reunion of psychoanalysis

Punta del Este – Uruguay – 1986

The end of an analysis
– Linda Clifton

The analytic section
– Héctor Rúpolo

A dream of Freud 
– Celia Calvo

A king of shreds and patches: the super-ego
– Sergio Staude

Tulips and two lips or dying of metonymy
– Nora Marina Menéndez

Miss ? ABCDEF – a case of multiple identifications
– Alan Large

Topology in an analysis: a hole in spacial dimension
– Ida Sara Levin

The psychoanalytic mass
– Ricardo Estacolchic

On hysterical madness
– Daniel Alberto Deluca

Between the signifier and the letter
– Jorge Rizzo

– Isidoro Vegh

Strachey and the transmission of the Freudian Field in the Anglo-Saxon tradition
– Rob Gordon

Sublimation in the reverse of the psychotic thing
– John Muller

The feminine position and the Woman’s Jouissance  - the devil in the body
– Benjamín Domb

Notes towards the end of an analysis
– Maria del Carmen Meroni

Ethics and The Lacanoamerican Reunion
– José Zuberman

Topology in the relationship between structure and theory
– Carlos Ruíz

Non-resisted psychoanalysis: latrogeny
– Leonor Torres

– Cristina Marrone

Beyond the author – an American in America
– Luis María Bisserier

The scenes of a fetishist
– Osvaldo Hugo Apreda

To read oneself
– Pablo Kavolovsky

Phantom member and hallucinatory fulfilment
– Lidia Lordes Garcia

– Luis Maria Bisserier, Marta Erramuspe, Cristina Marrone

Presentation of patients: notes of a teaching
– Daniel Alberto Deluca, Alejandro Sayús

To speak about the impossible: to make it possible
– Clara Kruglak

The desire of the analyst A-Nuda (a-knots) – between the signifier and the letter
– Ricardo Landeira

– Lia Quijano


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