1983/84 Clinical Psychoanalysis and the Training of Analysts. Homage to Freud

From the Verneinung of Freud to the Verwerfung of Lacan
– Oscar Zentner

Castration and death, nodal points in the latent-content of dreams
– Gayle Paull

Further remarks on the case of Little Hans
– Felicity Bagot

The transference and cure of the Prime Minister’s son
– Rob Gordon

The psychoanalysis of children
– María Inés Rotmiler de Zentner

Part 1
Homage to Freud—Clinical psychoanalysis

Volume 5


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Part 2
The Freudian Discourse

The unconscious, the transference and the psychoanalyst’s interpretation: a Lacanian view
– Juan David-Nasio

Psychoanalysis: a nodal writing
– Héctor Rúdopolo

Jacques Lacan and the question of the training of analysts
– Moustapha Safouan

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