The Freudian School of Melbourne – School of Lacanian Psychoanalysis

Volume 3

1982 On Angst


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Part 1
Homage to Freud

The death of Lacan
– Oscar Zentner

Non-libidinization and its return
– Oscar Zentner

The secret cause
– Laurence Bataille

Lautréamont and the uncanny
– Marie Ines Rotmiler de Zentner

Angst, The null set series and the ( - φ)
– Gayle Paull

Beyond the pleasure of the text
– John Dingle

Psychoanalysis or psychoanalyst
– Gustavo Ezequiel Etkin

Part 2
Seminars of the Freudian School of Melbourne

Seminar 1 – On symbolism
– Moustapha Safouan

Seminar 2 – On jokes
– Moustapha Safouan

Part 3

The Freudian Discourse

The rhetoric of Angst
– Gustavo Ezequiel Etkin

Angst and the Theatre of the Absurd
– Frances M Moran

Interview with Juan David Nasio
– Miguel Kohan

Conversation in Paris between Alain Grosrichard, Gloria Autino, Gustavo Etkin and Oscar Zentner

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