2016 Since Lacan

Chapter One
Incest, identity and difference
– David Pereira

Chapter Two
Lacan, Caracas station
– Oscar Zentner

Chapter Three
C’est à quel sujet
– Guy Le Gaufey

Chapter Four
Father of function, fact, fable … and fiction
– Megan Williams

Chapter Five
Get knotted
– Malcolm Morgan

Chapter Six
About psychoanalysis
– Madeline Andrews

Chapter Seven
– David Pereira


About the Editor and contributions

Part 1
Lacanian Discourse

Volume 25


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Part 2
From the Clinic

Chapter Eight
The discomfort of psychoanalysis
– Madeline Andrews

Chapter Nine

The wall of the body
– Michael Gerard Plastow

Chapter Ten
The gift of speech: beyond ambivalence
– Sarah Jones Ferguson

Chapter Eleven
The grammar of sex: verb or noun
– Alicia Evans

Chapter Twelve
What’s not home in homelessness
– Peter Gunn

Chapter Thirteen

The death of Marat
– Jon Kettle

Part 3
Psychoanalysis and the child

Chapter Fourteen
In the raw
– Michael Currie

Chapter Fifteen
Psychoanalysis and the child: history, time, and the transformational formula – an introduction
– Michael Gerard Plastow

Chapter Sixteen
Psychoanalysis of the child: the bastard child of psychoanalysis
– Michael Gerard Plastow

Chapter Seventeen
The kangaroo rat man
– Michael Gerard Plastow

Chapter Eighteen
The transformational formula of myth
– Tine Norregaard

Part 4
Psychoanalysis and Art

Chapter Nineteen
From erotic initiation to death
– Oscar Zentner

Chapter Twenty
No light, but rather darkness visible
– Rodney Kleiman

Chapter Twenty One
Snapped by the image: the inverted art of the photograph and the artifice of psychoanalysis
– Peter Gunn

Chapter Twenty Two
The Pearl of analysis
– Michael Currie

Chapter Twenty Three
The medieval voice
– Helen Dell