2012 Invention in the Real

Chapter One
Must every psychoanalyst recapitulate the history of psychoanalysis in his own way
– David Pereira

Chapter Two
Once upon a time
– Michael Plastow

Chapter Three
On Nachträglichkeit
– Christiane Weller

Chapter Four
Time out of number
– Peter Gunn

Chapter Five
The origin of language
– Michael Plastow


About the Editor and contributions

Part 1
Time and History

Volume 24


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Part 2
The Lacanian Clinic Today

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Chapter Six
The necessity and impossibility of interpretation
– David Pereira

Chapter Seven
Maltreating the individual
– Peter Gunn

Chapter Eight
The child and seduction
– Michael Plastow

Chapter Nine
How to do a psychoanalytic clinic: a recipe for madness
– Peter Gunn

Chapter Ten
The Gospel according to Saint Jacques
– Rodney Kleiman

Part 3
Psychoanalysis and the child

Chapter Eleven
Psychoanalysis and the child
– Tine Norrregaard Arroyo and Michael Plastow

Chapter Twelve
The treatment setting: demand, transference and the contract with the parents and for their child
– Jean Bergès and Gabriel Balbo

Chapter Thirteen
Some cases of “name of the father subject supposed of knowledge”
– Erik Porge

Chapter Fourteen
Father can’t you see that I am burning? – interventions in the real of the parental couple
– Tine Norregaard Arroyo

Part 4
On Love and Knowledge

Chapter Fifteen
The promise of love
– Michael Plastow

Chapter Sixteen
In the style of loving
– Rodney Kleiman

Chapter Seventeen
The conduct of love in psychoanalysis
– Peter Gunn

Part 5
Analysis, the arts and the well spoken

Chapter Eighteen
The Ob-scene
– David Pereira

Chapter Nineteen
The jouissance of the gambler
– Linda Clifton

Chapter Twenty
Freud and Faust
– Michael Plastow

Chapter Twenty One
The Invention of Solitude – the invention of a style
– Tine Norregaard Arroyo

Chapter Twenty Two
The enigma of Rose Selavy
– Madeline Andrews

Chapter Twenty Three
The art of interpretation – drawing a line
– David Pereira

Part 6
Death and Psychoanalysis

Chapter Twenty Four
An architecture of death from Tarizaki to Mishima
– Oscar Zentner

Chapter Twenty Five
Erotics of mourning in the time of dry death
– Jean Allouch

Chapter Twenty Six
Psychoanalysis in the hospital 
– Gustavo Etkin

Chapter Twenty Seven
Wallis Simpson and the three As
– Gustavo Etkin

Chapter Twenty Eight
Death and Psychoanalysis
– Gustavo Etkin