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2007 Writing the symptom

One is two-faced
– Peter Gunn

Of impossible translation
– Michael Plastow

Who speaks in Schreber?
– Paul Magee

Marx, Freud, Lacan: three founders of discursivity?
– Jean-Michel Rabaté

The ends of analysis - Psychoanalysis and the promise of happiness
– David Pereira

The chosen ones
– Rodney Kleiman

– Carlos A. Basch

Part 1
Science, truth and the knowledge of the analyst

Part 2
Melancholia and the moods of the modern era

Volume 23


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Melancholia and the mother
– Robyn Clark

The unhappiest one
– David Pereira

The proximities of distance
– Madeline Andrews

Melancholia and the devouring feminine
– Peter Gunn

For the melancholic love of a superego
– Sarah Jones

Mourning the loss, writing the lack
– Nati Sangiau

Part 3
The sumptom

To speak of enjoyment
– David Pereira

Name of a pipe
– Michael Plastow

Part 4
Psychoanalysis and literature

The flower of Coleridge
– María Inés Rotmiler de Zentner

Borges and writing
– María Inés Rotmiler de Zentner

A Portrait of the Artist in psychoanalysis
– Linda Clifton

Part 5
The Dublin papers

A preamble to Dublin
– Peter Gunn

From the Lacan (symbol) Joyce correspondence
– Oscar Zentner

Joyceecrit or why Lacan turned to Joyce
– Isidoro Vegh

Joyce’s Dublin and the making of a place name
– Peter Gunn

Part 6
Public lectures

The four discourses and the psychoanalytic body
– Michael Plastow

– David Pereira

The anatomy of destiny
– Rodney Kleiman

Part 7
One hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the birth of Freud

From the Freudian unconscious as a cause to the Lacanian unconscious as a gaffe
– Oscar Zentner