2000 Fantasm

The grammar of the unconscious and the perverted logic of fantasy
– David Pereira

From family myth to individual fantasm
– Michael Plastow

The real journey of psychoanalysis
– Rodney Kleiman

The fictions of analysis read as an invitation to the real
– Jane Hopper

Part 1

Part 2
The Lacanian discourse

Volume 21


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Borges and the fantasm of reality
– Oscar Zentner

On the question of the recognition of an analyst
– Rodney Kleiman

Longing and ‘the first man’
– Michael Plastow

Perversion in the clinical practice of liaison psychoanalysis
– Roberto Neuburger

The mirror stage revisited—an essay
– Jean Allouch

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Part 3
Public lectures

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Preliminary comments on psychoanalysis and the public
– David Pereira

The Lacanian revolution: from slave to subject
– Rodney Kleiman

Plato’s Symposium and the psychoanalytic transference—discourses of love      
– Linda Clifton

The concept of structure in clinical psychoanalysis
– David Pereira

Medicine and psychoanalysis (…or how Freud lost the object)
– Michael Plastow