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1999 The Psychoanalysis of Children: Freud’s Child and Lacan’s

The illusion of a future: the symptom and demand in the psychoanalysis of children
– Tine Norregaard Arroyo

When I was …
– Rodney Kleiman

The player of children
– Silvina Gamsie

Notes on the treatment of the psychoses in childhood
– Silvina Gamsie

The clinical diary of Sandor Ferenczi—a confusion of tongues
– Linda Clifton

The infans and the (k)not of history
– David Pereira

Homage paid by Jacques Lacan to the castrating woman
– Jean Allouch

– Gustavo Etkin

Theorizing the pass: an introduction to a singular testimony
– Jane Hopper

The battle of the sexes or the shame of trying to fake the impossible
– Jane Hopper

He/she: a flaw in writing?
– Robert Levy

Part 1
The Lacanian clinic

Part 2
The Lacanian discourse

Volume 20


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