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1998 The Lacanian Discourse

Part 1
The Lacanian discourse

The Seminar, Paris, June 10, 1980
– Jacques Lacan

The Seminar, Caracas, July 12th, 1980
– Jacques Lacan

The desire of the analyst—twenty years since the foundation of the Freudian School of Melbourne in 1977 
–  María Inés Rotmiler de Zentner

How Lacan invented the object (a)
– Jean Allouch

From above and from below
– Gustavo Etkin

In that illusion of being
– Isidoro Vegh

The true hole
– Benjamin Domb

Dreams: the royal road to desire
– Rodney Kleiman

Is psychoanalysis revolutionary?
– Robert Lévy

Freudian analysis, clinical theory: a question of analogy
– Robert Lévy

The psychoanalyst and the psychoanalytic discourse
– Oscar Zentner

Volume 19

20 years of psychoanalytic training in the Freudian School of Melbourne

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Part 2
The Lacanian Clinic

À propos of transsexualism: interview with Michael H
– Jacques Lacan

Some consequences of the teachings of Lacan in the clinic
– Oscar Zentner

Commentary on Oscar Zentner’s Some consequences of the teachings of Lacan in the clinic
– José Zuberman

The impossible feminine and the clinic of the intersex
– David Pereira

The secret cause
– Laurence Bataille

A child is being eaten
– Michael Plastow

Psychoanalysis at the service of the child
– Patrick Delarouche

A prohibition against living
– Maud Mannoni

How can predetermined fates be evaded?
– Maud Mannoni