The Freudian School of Melbourne – School of Lacanian Psychoanalysis

Volume 16

1995 Psychosis. Who Speaks?


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Part 1
On Psychosis

The Proper Name and the common name
– Nati Sangiau

From presentation to structure
– Jane Hopper

Failure of the imaginary in psychosis
– Ron Ingram

Psychosis: a question of demand
– Rod Kleiman

Psychosis, society and the signifier of the body
– Rob Gordon

On a dialectic of doubt preliminary to the possibility of a subject in psychosis
– David Pereira


Part 2
The Lacanian Discourse

Nothing returns from the real: the structure of psychosis
– Gustavo Ezequiel Etkin

Transference and speech in the clinic of the psychoses
– Gustavo Ezequiel Etkin

Presentation of the analyst: preliminary interviews with psychotic subjects
– Gustavo Ezequiel Etkin

Delusion and hallucination: who speaks
– Gustavo Ezequiel Etkin

Manic depression neurosis
– Izabel Cristina Borba Pedreira

Words are blown away by the wind
– Humphrey Bower

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