1993 The Lacanian Clinic

Part 1
Lacanian Clinic

Intervention in the real
– Isidoro Vegh

The desire of the analyst and the art of the fool
– Nati Sangiau

Mourning is not reparation
– Luis Reibl

Beyond the pleasure of the symptom
– David Pereira

From transference to structure: the presentation of patients
– David Pereira and Luis Riebl


Volume 14


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Part 2
Seminars and intervention of Jacques Lacan

The works of Jacques Lacan – an attempt to outline the impossible
– Oscar Zentner

Bibliography of the works of Jacques Lacan
– Joel Dor

Published and unpublished seminars and interventions of J. Lacan in English
– David Pereira

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Part 3
The Lacanian Discourse

Interview with Isidoro Vegh
– Jane Hopper

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