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1991   Lacan and the Object in Psychoanalysis

Inhibition, symptoms and act; from the moment of occlusion to the moment of conclusion
– David Pereira

Object, ego, and death
– Luis Riebl

The object relation and sexual relation
– Nati Sangiau

On beauty; neither transient nor everlasting
– Oscar Zentner

The voice in the ear – the image in the eye
– Oscar Zentner

Psychoanalytic direction and the direction of Psychoanalysis
– David Pereira

Why do we, analysts, meet?
– Linda Clifton

Part 1
Lacan and the object in psychoanalysis

Volume 12


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Part 2
Seminars of the Freudian School of Melbourne

– Gustavo Ezequiel Etkin

– Rolando Hugo Karothy

The woman: a Godelian flower
– Nora María Menéndez

Verba non res. Remorse
– Nora María Menéndez & José Somenzini

The question of orthodoxy – clinical reflection
– Claude Dumezil

Theos Patros
– Héctor Rúpolo

The times of the other
– Isidoro Vegh