These Seminars involve a close reading of foundational texts of Freud and Lacan with discussion of related clinical and theoretical topics.

Psychoanalysis, Philosophy & Theology
First Saturday of the month 3.30pm-5.00pm

An appraisal of certain fundamental concepts in psychoanalysis and the way in which they are informed by and inform recurring questions in philosophy and theology across the realms of metaphysics, ontology, logic and ethics

David Pereira, 9690 3515

The Child, the Adult, and the Subject of Psychoanalysis
First Tuesday of each month 8-9.30pm, from Tuesday 5th March 2019

The patient who attends the consulting room, whether a child or an adult—and the child is inevitably accompanied by an adult—is not yet a psychoanalytic subject. He or she is a person, whose etymology is literally the mask worn in antiquity by actors to represent a character. Thus the person is the imaginary double of the subject, a false being whose function is to mask its very division. The subject in psychoanalysis can only emerge through an act of speech that, very specifically, underlines the discontinuity of such an imaginary being. The subject that emerges may then be able to leave his or her own mark. This seminar endeavours to grapple with the developmental beings of the child, adolescent, and adult, in order to disentangle from them, the psychoanalytic subject.

In 2019 we take up Freud’s paper, "From the History of an Infantile Neurosis" (little Hans), marking out the itinerary of Hans’ phobia through Vienna as it continues to evolve. We will elaborate upon this case by reference to other works, including Lacan’s seminar IV, The Object Relation, in which Lacan produces his own topography of Hans’ Vienna, and his own burgeoning notion of the signifier and the object in psychoanalysis. We will also endeavour to read fundamental texts referred to by Freud and Lacan in their relevant writings.

This seminar welcomes those of any stage of interest, or formation, in psychoanalysis. Participants will have the opportunity to speak of their own clinical practice and their readings of texts.

Michael Gerard Plastow, Analyst of the School,  Ph: 9347 1486,  Email:

My Barbaric Yawp 2019: A Clinic of Writing

Second Monday of the month 7.30pm – 9.00pm, commencing March 11, 2019

This Seminar is an effort to produce the link between psychoanalysis and writing, writing being understood here as any practice which takes articulation to its materiality as inscription.

On the basis of that production, the Seminar takes itself to function as a clinic. In this it follows Walt Whitman. If he is the author of the poem ‘Song of Myself’, that self is deposed by the necessity of giving materiality, by way of writing, to what exceeds it: his ecstatic voice, barbarised as yawp.

In following Whitman, the Seminar follows Lacan. It takes its lead from those practices, whether in literature or art, dance or music, which border on psychoanalysis in also taking articulation to that extremity.

The structure of the Seminar is given by presentations which bring the palpability of such articulations into the room of the Seminar itself. If you yourself are touched by this, I invite you to get in touch.

Peter Gunn 9347 1707

Reading Seminars

These Seminars involve a close reading of foundational texts of Freud and Lacan with discussion of related clinical and theoretical topics.

The Freud Reading Seminar: Freud’s case studies - Dora
Fragment of an analysis of a case of hysteria  St. Ed. Vol. VII

Last Saturday of the month 11.00 am – 1.00 pm

The Lacan Reading Seminar
Seminar XI The four fundamental concepts of psychoanalysis 

Last Saturday of the month 3.00 – 5.00 pm

Linda Clifton, 9509 9396