Referrals for Psychoanalysis – Adults, Adolescents & Children

"That the subject should come to recognise and to name his desire, that is the efficacious action of analysis."

– Jacques Lacan


The Clinical Service of the School provides a single point of access for the services of clinical members of the School.

Clinical members come from a range of professional backgrounds including psychiatry, psychology, social work, and nursing. In addition to their private practices these members are well represented in a variety of public clinical settings including hospitals and mental health clinics.

Referrals to the Clinical Service

A wide variety of problems may lead someone to consider psychoanalytic treatment. These include depression, anxiety, difficulties in achieving life goals, relationship and sexual problems, fears and phobias, parenting difficulties and school refusal.


Each clinical member of the School works in their own style according to the ethics of psychoanalysis and in answer to the particular demand brought by each individual seeking treatment. For the purpose of an assessment the clinician will initially conduct several interviews with the client. After discussion a psychoanalytic treatment may then be offered. Alternatively, other treatment options may be suggested.

Fees are set not by the School but by individual clinicians in negotiation with the client.