Sexual Dis-Orientation

Saturday September 7th 2019,

STREAT: 66 Cromwell Street Collingwood, Vic, 3066.

9.00am- 4.00 pm


“A man and a woman can understand each other, I am not denying it. They can, as such, understand each other’s cries … but it is in this that they are lacking something: that is, understanding each other as man, as woman, that is to say, sexually.” (Jacques Lacan)


“This is the essential failing - namely, the absence of anything that could represent in the subject the mode of what is male or female in his being.” (Jacques Lacan)

“Phallocentrism is the enemy. Of everyone. Men’s loss in phallocentrism is different from, but as serious, as women’s. And it is time to change. To invent the other history.” (Hélène Cixous)


As distinct from its various categorizations and orientations, sexuality is encountered at the beginnings of psychoanalysis as profoundly disorienting; particularly with respect to the ethics, politics and logic of the church and medical science which had hitherto colonised it. Analysis found in the disorientation of sex the very equivocation which was coextensive with the unconscious and propitious with respect to the possibilities of enjoyment weighed against suffering.


It cannot pass without notice however that analysis itself has, within certain currents, been swayed by the seduction of normativity. It is to this that the Lacanian critique has been most fruitfully addressed; not analysing sexuality, but analysing through sexuality and what it brings to the subversion of the subject otherwise trapped within a body of logic, ethics and politics founded upon an orienting mutual exclusion.


In 2019 the work of the School will engage with this critique in attempting to further the cause of a sexual disorientation in psychoanalysis which gives rise to an inventiveness which resists normativity in all its forms - whether hetero, homo or trans-normativity. Members of the School will present their working of this subject in its clinical and theoretical dimensions at the annual conference of the School - the 2019 Homage to Lacan.


The School extends an invitation to those engaged in the effects of this propitious disorientation to engage in a work and discussion around this topic.


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The Freudian School of Melbourne's Homage – Annual Conference

Sexual Dis-Orientation



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“It is the order explored beginning with my experience, I remind you, that has led me to this

infernal triad “

Jacques Lacan.