The Freudian School of Melbourne – School of Lacanian Psychoanalysis


The Future of Heresy – 2017

Saturday September 2nd, Graduate Centre

Grattan St. University of Melbourne

9.00am- 4.00 pm


In 1974-75 Lacan’s seminar, already covering over twenty years duration, was entitled “R.S.I.” This title played with meaning when pronounced as a homophone to “ heresy”. It thus speaks to his ongoing interrogation of orthodoxy and blindfolded faith with his persistent questioning of the fundamental concepts of psychoanalysis. He continued to refuse to accept the finality of a theory of knowledge, however well it might be framed in relation to Freud as the founder of a discourse, seeing in the organisational inheritance and institutionalisation a potentially lethal danger to the creative requirements of any particular analysis.


R : The real, S : The symbolic, I : The imaginary, Lacan’s three registers or categories, his infernal triad, invented as a means of working the nature of the unconscious as Symbolic structure, product of language ; the Imaginary as origin of identifications even narcissism; and the Real, here privileged as the limit to knowledge.


Is heresy not a necessity when man’s neurotic disposition, continues to impel him towards the acceptance of religious beliefs, both personal and organised, which posit the forms of Heaven and Hell as a final answer to human suffering? What is the future of the heretical aspects of Lacan’s teaching in informing and directing our work, both theoretical and clinical? Is there a future that is not but an illusion? Members and analysts will present their work on this seminar and the school invites an audience to engage with this endeavour.

“It is the order explored beginning with my experience, I remind you, that has led me to this

infernal triad “

Jacques Lacan.